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Amir El-Masry

Amir El-Masry is an Egyptian-British actor who started his acting career with successful Arab films such as Ramadan Mabrouk Abul-Alamein Hamouda and El-Talatah Yishtaghaloonha. Internationally, Amir El-Masry took part in salient star Tom Hiddleston’s film Lost in London, and the BAFTA nominated mini-series The State. In 2018, El-Masry played the lead role in The Arabian Warrior film, the first American/Saudi feature-length film, in addition to his role in Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker.
Amir El-Masry’s film Limbo competed at Cannes Film Festival and reaped three awards at the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF). Limbo was nominated for the Outstanding British Film of the Year award at the BAFTA Film Awards. For his role in Limbo, Amir El-Masry received the Best Actor award at the BAFTA Scotland Awards.
El-Masry also participated in the series The One, which is released on Netflix. He also competed in the Egyptian box office with the film Ritsa (2021). Currently, Amir El-Masry is waiting for the release of the fifth season of the famous American series The Crown, in which he plays the role of Mohamed Al Fayed.
Amir El-Masry has wrapped up filming the new series Magnouna Biik, which is the Arabic version of the TV series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and is awaiting its release soon. Also, he started filming Gawezny film, which is scheduled to be released during 2023.